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Howard Calendar Technical Assistance

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If you experience any technical issues with any of the calendar functions, please review the help sections below.  If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact Web Services @Howard for further assistance.



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Add a Calendar Event to Your Personal Calendar

  • Click the Add to Calendar link to add an event to your personal calendar: Apple iCalendar, Google, Outlook or Yahoo.

The calendar generates an .ics file, a global format used by calendar and email programs.


Browser Settings

    If your browser downloads the file without creating a new event in your personal calendar...

    • Open the .ics file from your Downloads folder.

    Your default Calendar application should open the file and add the event to your calendar.



    To ensure that .ics files go to your calendar, adjust the Download settings in your browser and operating system.

    Adjust your browser settings in...


    • Preferences (chrome://settings/)
    • Downloads / Download Location


    • Preferences (about:preferences#general)
    • Downloads / Save files to:

    • Preferences / General
    • Save downloaded files to:


    Apple Mail settings may also affect .ics files.

    • Go to Mail / Preferences / General


    Additional Resources for 







    Upload an Image

    When you submit an event to the calendar, you can upload an image.

    • Click Add Image.
      • Acceptable File Formats: .gif, .jpg, or .png.
      • Maximum File Size: 500kb
      • Recommended Maximum Width: 1,200 pixels.
    • Browse for the image on your computer.
    • Click Choose.

    You will see a confirmation message:

    • [filename] - upload successful!
      The file is attached to the event. It will go to the moderator for review.

    • maxSize 500KB - upload failed.
      The file is too large. Please re-size the image or select an alternative.



    Additional Image Resources

    Use these services to resize, compress and optimize images.